Calibrated for precision - Equipped for the future

Parts and assemblies made of armored steels – even excellently equipped metal processing companies usually have to pass. The material and application-specific requirements for cutting, milling, welding and cold forming of high-strength quenched and tempered steels are too complex and also highly relevant to safety. Stahlkontor has successfully specialized in precisely these special requirements in the defense and aerospace sectors.

Specialization in “special steels” began in the late 1980s, when innovative cutting processes opened up new possibilities for cutting high-strength and high-hardness steels – Stahlkontor commissioned the first laser and waterjet systems at that time. From the 1990s onwards, the company consistently pursued a holistic focus on the special process and safety requirements of the defense industry and the aerospace sector. Today, all essential quality and safety-relevant process steps are fully and traceably integrated into the order processing – from the production of starting materials to state-of-the-art machining and joining technologies to final acceptance by the customer and appraisals by external inspection bodies.

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From individual parts to ready-to-install assemblies

Many years of experience in materials and processes, state-of-the-art machinery and the use of powerful programming and design software have made Stahlkontor a leading international independent contract manufacturer. Accordingly, renowned companies and institutions from the defense, aviation, industry and rail sectors are among the steadily growing circle of demanding customers.

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The flexible machinery – additionally expanded in capacity by network companies – and the permanent staff of around 250 committed, highly qualified employees enable economical, rapid and volume-adapted order processing. Thus, Stahlkontor integrates the production of special parts and prototypes in small series just as effortlessly into the workflow as the regular delivery of components in large series with more than 60,000 units per month.

Stahlkontor’s service spectrum ranges from precision-manufactured individual parts to fully assembled subassemblies, for example for armored housings (safety cells), vehicle fronts, walls, roofs, hatches or hulls, including any additional protection provided (add-on-armor).

Investments in future technologies

Stahlkontor holds all approvals and certifications relevant to the defense sector and the manufacture of aircraft parts. These include various welding approvals and welding procedure qualifications based on standards and customer-specific regulations. An important field of innovation for the future is the introduction of LaserHybrid welding technology. The integration of this complex process into the process chain will open up to customers the economic and qualitative advantages of a combination of laser welding and the MIG/MAG process: the deep welding effect, which is particularly advantageous with thick sheets, and the high process speed of laser welding combined with the outstanding gap coverage and energy efficiency of MIG/MAG welding.

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Knowledge of sensitive processes

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For all its materials experience and process engineering expertise, knowledge of the sensitive process flows on the customer side is a decisive factor for the fastest and most economical route to the finished part. Whether customs formalities, traceability, non-disclosure agreements, special inspections or international order processing – Stahlkontor is familiar with all these procedures and handles them with the necessary discretion and utmost professionalism.