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Logistics from storage to transport

As a convenient and economical complement to our quality manufacturing, we offer a range of logistical services:

Materials Management

Stahlkontor stores materials on behalf of customers and, on request, also takes over the entire management of the warehouse as well as the preparation of blanks and the delivery of input materials.

In addition, we are also happy to set up consignment warehouses for our customers, from which we then manufacture and deliver components at short notice.

On behalf of our customers, we currently manage warehouses that exceed a volume of 5,000t of input material.

Ensuring batch traceability, inventory controls and accurate consumption invoicing are a matter of course in our service offering.

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On request, Stahlkontor will commission individual parts, construction units and assembly sets, including documentation, and deliver them to you in a form that can be processed directly. Of course, in the case of series orders, we also support you in the construction of circulation pallets and special load carriers for optimized storage and safe transport.

Packing and transport

Our shipment handling services include:

  • Packing and shipping according to customer specification
  • Commissioning of forwarding agents and parcel services
  • Export processing including preparation of all documents
  • production-synchronous deliveries (just-in-time)
  • Planning of special transports
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