Cold forming

Chipless shaping

Bending with the greatest forces

There is a good reason that the cold forming of high-strength materials is referred to as an art or even magic in the metal industry. In order to be able to make precise bends in steels of extended length, great craftsmanship and experience is required.

Stahlkontor has the necessary years of experience in bending high-strength materials for a wide variety of technical applications.

Depending on the task, different bending presses are used: For special applications and large thicknesses, press forces of up to 4,000 tons are available. For large bend lengths, bending presses up to 22 meters are used in tandem arrangement.

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Magicians in our network

In order to be able to implement the diverse wishes of our customers in cold forming, we use both our in-house capabilities and our permanent partner companies. Especially, in the area of cold forming, our supply chain management has succeeded over the years in building up a partner network with which we are able to meet various demands of our customers. These are mainly small family-owned companies that passionately develop solutions together with Stahlkontor. Such companies have skills that are very difficult to find on the market – real magicians!

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