In the air and on the ground

Stahlkontor is a leading international, independent system supplier of parts and assemblies made of high-strength steels and armor steels for defense, aviation, industry and other civilian applications.

Location Hagen


Stahlkontor has been a partner to the defense industry for several decades.
As an integral part of the supply chain, we produce parts, assemblies and ready-assembled modules such as hatches and doors for the major systems houses.

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Stahlkontor has been involved in the Aviation business area for more than 20 years and has developed into a reliable supplier of components and assemblies for the European aviation industry. The Aviation business unit is certified according to EN 9100.

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The Industry division at Stahlkontor covers the manufacture of components for a wide range of demanding industrial applications. The materials processed are as varied as the industries. The range extends from ordinary structural steels through high-strength and high-alloy steels to special materials and nonferrous metals.

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Stahlkontor has been manufacturing components for rail vehicle construction since the 1990s. The major manufacturers of rail vehicles rely on our production expertise and particularly appreciate our ability to produce both series and spare parts.

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From the starting material to the finished assembly


STAHLKONTOR is a specialist in cutting high-strength and high-hardness steels to customer drawings and offers clients the full range of services related to the processing of steel, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials.

STAHLKONTOR supplies complete, ready-to-install assemblies that have to withstand the toughest demands. It is no coincidence that we have become a sought-after partner where the reinforcement of vehicles in the military and civilian sectors is concerned.

Our more than 100-year tradition as a steel trading company and our intensive involvement with the processing of steel have given us an enormous amount of knowledge over the years about the properties and behavior of this fascinating material.
This knowledge benefits our customers every day.

Safety Assured.

Tradition for over 100 years

Stahlkontor is a leading international, independent system supplier of parts and assemblies made of high-strength steels and armor steels for the defense, aviation, industry and rail sectors as well as for other civil applications.

More than 100 years of tradition and experience in handling steel and nonferrous metals stand for mature material and process experience, implemented with commitment and creativity by currently around 250 qualified employees at the Hagen location.

Proven and innovative processes

Stahlkontor realizes even the most demanding product tasks for customers worldwide. This is done with a state-of-the-art machine park using both proven cutting, joining and machining techniques as well as forward-looking technologies.

With extensive investments in, for example, additive manufacturing processes or the in-house developed and patented Double LaserHybrid Process (DLHP®), Stahlkontor opens up new perspectives for its customers in the economical precision production of parts made of high-alloy steels.

Certified, accredited and ready for documentation

Different customer and application-specific special requirements are familiar to Stahlkontor due to many years of dealing with safety-sensitive components and assemblies.

National and international certifications and accreditations underpin Stahlkontor’s uncompromising quality standards as well as its ability to provide transparent process planning and complete order documentation.

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