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Stahlkontor has been a partner to the defense industry for several decades.
As an integral part of the supply chain, we produce parts, assemblies and ready-assembled modules such as hatches and doors for the major systems houses.

The experience we have gained in the field of armor steel processing makes us an international leader in contract manufacturing in this segment. Together with our customers, we continue to develop both manufacturing processes and customer products from a production engineering perspective.

In the interest of our customers, we are continuously expanding our production capabilities and driving innovation.


Steffen Blank

Head of Defense
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Starting from high-strength steel sheets (armor steel), components and assemblies for military vehicle protection are produced to customer order by cutting, bending, welding, machining and assembling. The spectrum ranges from individual parts (e.g. spare parts) to complete kits, for example for armored housings (safety cells) or vehicle hulls, including any additional protection provided (add-on-armor).

Do you have specific tasks or questions about production engineering problems in the processing of armor steels or high-strength or high-hardness materials? Then please contact us.

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