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The railroad is coming - with parts from Stahlkontor

Stahlkontor has been manufacturing components for rail vehicle construction since the 1990s. The major manufacturers of rail vehicles rely on our production expertise and particularly value our ability to produce both, series and spare parts.

Based on approved materials and manufacturing processes, Stahlkontor’s Rail division produces a wide variety of components and assemblies to customer specifications.

Frequently, our customers are faced with the challenge of having to replace existing parts that have insufficient documentation when it comes to servicing their vehicles. In this case, we are happy to provide reverse engineering support and then manufacture according to the determined geometry.


Our extensive competencies in laser hybrid welding enable us to produce sophisticated and highly load-bearing profiles for our customers, which are an important part of the car body shell.

To date, we have been able to overcome many challenges with our customers and supply, for example, articulated brackets, end wall plates, rear wall plates, floor plates and door longitudinal members.


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