In our continuous search for excellence and innovation, we are pleased to introduce our latest achievement – the R3030 high-pressure waterjet machine, which was manufactured by our long-standing partner H. G. Ridder Automatisierung GmbH and has recently been put into operation. This machine marks a significant advance in our production technology as well as in our entire machine park.

Replacement investment R3030 for the retro machine:
This ultra-modern system replaces the ageing Esab 2 machine, which has enjoyed such a long service life thanks to very good care and meticulous adherence to maintenance intervals. The new machine sets standards in terms of efficiency, performance and environmental friendliness and should receive at least as much care.

Ergonomics and employee involvement:
Particular attention was paid to the ergonomics of the workstations by involving the employees in the decision-making process. The result is a working environment that offers colleagues maximum comfort and efficiency.

Modernization and sustainability:
The system not only represents a technological modernization, but also our commitment to sustainability. The numerous sensors and the PC with 24-inch touchscreen enable more efficient operation and prompt processing of orders thanks to network integration.

Automation and precision:
The automatic height sensing for the Z-axes ensures precise cutting. The cutting table is equipped with support plates and not ceramic balls as in the past. These improvements not only increase productivity, but above all precision and therefore also contribute to sustainability.

Energy-efficient pump technology:
The newly acquired pump from Hammelmann GmbH, which has replaced the previous intensifier technology, is a new generation of energy-efficient solutions. With a closed water circuit, it saves resources and contributes to environmentally friendly and sustainable production.

Material variety and precise cutting:
The system is designed to meet the challenges of our aviation customers, offering impressive cutting performance at 3800 bar and 2 cutting buttons. The imported garnet sand from Australia, of the highest quality from the GMA Garnet Group, is a premium product on the market and enables precise cutting for the most demanding applications.

Our new high-pressure water jet system is not just an investment in the present, but one in the future. With state-of-the-art technology, increased efficiency, employee involvement and a clear focus on sustainability, we are setting new standards in the manufacturing industry. This plant is not just another step forward, but a milestone in our efforts to achieve top performance and at the same time produce in an environmentally friendly way. We are expecting an even larger plant as early as next April.